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Revising for January's Yr 11 Mock Exams and beyond

1st Dec 2018

When we return to school in January, our Yr 11 pupils will face Mock Examinations - the final test and diagnostic point for further learning and revision before the GCSE Exams take place for real in May and June.

Pupils have been given lots of information on how to revise, both in bespoke sessions and through their subject teachers and have learned about techniques such as Memory Palaces, Mind Maps, Mnemonics and more. They have access to Revision Guides both online and in booklets available through school. 

They have also been attending lunchtime and after school revision sessions to prepare themselves, knowing that good revision for the Mocks puts them in the best possible position to achieve their potential in the summer exams.

Yr 11 pupils do however need to balance hard work with relaxation and we recommend that over the Christmas holiday period:

1. They take the first week off completely to rest and recharge after a long, hard term, to celebrate with family and friends, to have "duvet days" reading and watching (appropriate) movies, to help around the house etc etc

2. They enjoy the festivities but then focus on healthy eating, hydration and sleeping patterns - tired, undernourished or over-fed bodies do not support brains working at full strength!

3. They spend 4-5 days revising - perhaps the middle weekend (depending on family commitments) and then Jan 2/3/4 (the Weds/Thurs/Fri) of the second week of the holiday

4. On Revision Days, they nominate 2 x 3 hour sessions - choosing from Morning (eg 9am-noon), Afternoon (eg 1.30-4.30pm) and Evening (eg 6-9pm) depending on their natural body clock and any planned activities. The third "session" is revision free - so for pupils who prefer a lie-in, they enjoy that and then revise in the afternoon and evening or for early-risers, they work in the moning and then have either the afternoon or evening free and work the other.

5. For each of the two sessions they choose, they structure a 3 hour revision period as follows:

  • 20 mins revision/10 mins break x 2, 20 mins revision/20mins break x 1, 20 mins revision/10 mins break x 2, 20 mins revision. Each 20 minutes should be a specific topic and they should mix at least 2 subjects up within each 3 hour slot



Revising for January's Yr 11 Mock Exams and beyond


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