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The Year 11 Easter Challenge

28th Mar 2018


With only a few short weeks until the GCSE Examinations, we are challenging Year 11 to maximize the gift of a two week break from lessons over Easter and to prepare themselves for the final push. We know that revision done over Easter means that the revision undertaken in school is more meaningful and has far more impact.

The Easter Challenge asks them to complete their individual assignments over the fortnight for revision.

Our strong suggestion is that students nominate 10 days - perhaps the 10 week days, but not necessarily so and on each of those days they commit to at least 4 hours revision, perhaps two in the morning and two in the afternoon OR two in the afternoon and two in the evening if they enjoy a lie-in.

Year 11 have been given various techniques for revision and we encourage them to seek more help and support from school if needed. 

This challenge will occupy a significant amount of time and past evidence proves that it will make a huge difference to their GCSE grades. If properly planned, it also allows them plenty of time to relax and unwind, to spend time with friends and family and hopefully to mark the events of Holy Week and to celebrate Easter in a meaningful way. Click on the booklet above or the link below to view the booklet.



The Year 11 Easter Challenge


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