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16th Dec 2018

On February 6th 1918, the Representation of the People Act was passed into law, allowing women (albiet limited at this point to women over 30 and who were property owners) to vote for the first time. The Act also widened the vote to "working class" men - ie those who did not own their own property. 

On February 6th 2018 we marked this historic Act with a series of 5 short lessons which every pupil in school experienced - we looked at the timeline of British Democracy, the WHYs behind the campaigns for suffrage, the women's suffrage campaign, the impact of World War One on advancing the role and rights of both women and working class men and finally,  a session where we reflected on how muhc progress we have made in 100 years.

On December 14th 1918, the first General Election since that historic Act had become law, took place.

In school, we marked the centenary of this groundbreaking event with an election of our own.

As a result of our work on February 6th, we were the only Wakefield school invited to be part of the campaign for blue plaque parity - the aim is for Wakefield to be the first UK city to have equal numbers of plaques for men and women who have made amazing contributions to the local and wider community.

A group of Becket's girls have been working alongside Dreamtime Creative and journalists to capture the stories of local women; these have been/are being published in the Wakefield Express and beyond. Thank you to Mrs Wadsworth for leading this project from the Becket's side.

We also asked all forms and staff to nominate their own women and girls who have moved, impressed or inspired them. Of the many nominations, 8 final choices were made and a blue plaque created for each. On 14th December, classes came to the Hall in turn to read the blue plaques and mini-bios for each of the 8 women and girls and voted for their top choice - a permanent blue plaque for that individual will be created to hang in our Reception.







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