St Thomas à Becket Catholic Secondary School

A Voluntary Academy


Welcome from the Headteacher

Healthy roots and a healthy environment enable us to grown, thrive and flourish in a rapidly changing and at times, challenging, world. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE AROUND EMOTIONAL WELLBEING ESPECIALLY DURING THE COVID-19 "LOCKDOWN"

Creating this protective, nurturing and stimulating environment for rich and healthy growth underpins the way we build our school community too and allow our pupils to grow, thrive and flourish at school and in their life beyond their time with us.

Our community is built upon nurturing;

  • Rich spiritual development
  • Rich academic development no matter what each pupil's potential and talents, barriers to learning, starting points and hopes and ambitions
  • The development of strong, healthy and nurturing relationships in and out of school
  • Strong physical development as children become young adults making choices around keeping safe, fit and healthy 
  • Rich emotional development enabling pupils to recognise, respond to and regulate emotions as appropriate and to become resilient and confident in their abilities, guided by the strongest of moral codes 


We insist upon excellence from all members of our community and the search for and development of Faith. As part of a Catholic Academy Trust and as part of a wider family of Catholic schools, we the resources and freedom to support this and have enjoyed massive financial investment in facilities within recent years including a new Sports Hall, a bespoke Theatre and a unique Cycling Circuit.

We are very proud of our excellent reputation, which is built on our outstanding pastoral care, sporting and arts provision and excellent exam results 

The relatively small size of the school as well as the way we structure and guide learning, allows us to know each child as an individual, enabling them to realise their God-given potential.

We are a Catholic school committed to providing distinctive and supportive education for children and families from all social and religious backgrounds.

Becket’s is, I believe, unique and distinctive amongst other schools including Catholic schools but, of course, the best way to find out what we’re really like is to visit us.

Mrs Cathy Baxendale


DURING THE COVID-19 "LOCKDOWN", tending to our emotional wellbeing is particularly important

Many people are understandably experiencing more anxiety than usual. It's especially important during this time to pay attention to our emotional wellbeing. Pupils are encouraged to share with their form tutor or another trusted adult VIA THEIR PROTECTED SCHOOL GMAIL ACCOUNT any concerns they have or support they need. 


There are 5 recognised "tools" for emotional wellbeing:

1. Be connected - not via gadgets but by talking to family and friends - conversations around the dinner table, phone calls to grandparents, face to face time enjoyed with friends, belonging to clubs and doing activities with people who share your interests and talents

2. Be active - keeping active is good for the body (and the knock on effect is better health and self esteem), but it is also good for the mind.  Active people are happier as well as healthier

3. Keep learning - not just set work from school, but being curious, reading, reearching things that interest us. Learning new skills is a huge and positive emotional boost

4. Give to others - time, attention, resources. All studies show that helping others - making others happy - has an impact on our brains and makes us happier, gives us a real sense of worth and satisfaction.

5. Notice - the small things that fill our hearts with gratitude and wonder and remind us how lucky and blessed we are - the little things that people do for us, small home comforts and in particular the world around us - the stars, the sunrise, the beauty of creation

More amazing work! Check out this time lapse video showing how Harry in year 9 created his poster for Macbeth🌹🐍🗡️
We are very proud of the work being produced by some students at the moment! Well done Tess, Yr10, who made these f…

A voluntary academy. A member of the Bishop Konstant Catholic Academy Trust.

The Bishop Konstant Catholic Academy Trust is an exempt charity regulated by the Secretary of State for Education. It is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales, company number 8253770, whose registered office is at The Zucchi Suite, Nostell Business Estate, Nostell, Wakefield WF4 1AB.