The careers leader is Carl Brooks and our careers assistant is Jude Fitzgerald. They can be contacted by email:  and by Tel. No. 01924 303545 Ext 242

Beckets Careers Programme 2022-2023

Our aim is to improve the life chances of our young people, to offer them a nurturing, safe and supportive environment and a personalised learning experience. This aim extends to our approach to Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEAIG) programme within the school..

Whilst at St. Thomas à Becket’s students are taught the skills and attitudes required to enable them to become as independent as they can be and to prepare for adulthood. We aim for pupils to have an enriched and stimulating curriculum to give them every opportunity to explore and develop their potential. Providing effective careers education, information, advice and guidance ensures students move to their next stage with the right tools, values and understanding to help prepare them for their future.

Our Careers Strategy works in line with our core Personal and Social, Health, Economic (PSHE) programme. We seek to support students to consider their future options, realise their potential and decide how their skills and experiences fit with opportunities in the job market. We prepare students for their preferred progression pathway whether that is to continue with further education, employment or training.

We are fully committed to our statutory and moral obligation to provide a holistic service to students, highlighting the vocational and academic routes to their preferred careers path, opportunities in the region and further afield. We ensure that students are aware of the opportunities and challenges in the world of world, and support their plans and aspirations.

Our Careers programme is delivered through a variety of different activities and experiences. Our PSHE programme includes careers topics in each year group that look at careers, finances and associated topics such as:

Year 7

  • Introduction to careers
  • Challenging career stereotypes
  • Putting enterprise skills into action
  • Saving, spending and budgeting our money
  • Making ethical financial decisions

Year 8

  • Understanding credit and debit cards
  • Keeping finances secure
  • How money choices can affect mental wellbeing

Year 9

  • Understanding Careers
  • Careers and options choices


Year 11

  • Working Skills – Interviews
  • Working Skills – Online Reputation
  • Skills for employment and career progression
  • Money management – Tax, NI, pensions, mortgages, insurance

In addition to this programme we also have a dedicated Careers Office acting as a central hub for everything careers at St. Thomas à Becket’s. Here students are able to seek and find help to explore, develop and maximise their potential. Students are able to access personlised careers advice, assistance in development of CVs and personal statements in their readiness for their journey after school. They are also able to utilise the new facilities within the Careers Office to search local market information & local employers, current job and course availability and gain assistance with all manner of applications.

Our school works closely with Ollie Ratcliffe, Digital Communications Specialist at Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate, parent company to the iconic Yorkshire Tea brands. Ollie is a former student of St Thomas a Beckett and works as the school’s Enterprise Advisor, working with the Careers Lead to discuss and manage employer engagement within the school. His experience working within marketing departments of hospitality brands in Spain, managing his own marketing consultancy and working in one of the leading advertising agencies in Leeds has given him a wealth of experience and a varied career journey, leading him to his current role within Taylors of Harrogate. He is instrumental in engaging other local employers in into working with the school order to help our pupils gain exposure and a different perspective to the world of work. Ollie can be followed on LinkedIn at:

Students have additional opportunities inside and outside of school, working with a variety of organisations and professionals who collectively inspire the pupils to consider and research different career paths for example:

  • Arkright Engineering Scholarship – Year 11 STEM students are given access to the most prestigious scholarship of its type in the UK to inspire and nurture school-age students to be the country’s future leaders of the Engineering Profession.
  • Give Construction a Try – Year 8s and 9s are taken each year to Wakefield College to get hands on experience of what it could be like working in a career in construction. From plasterer, to ground worker, to site manager a whole host of construction careers are on show and the pupils actually get to have a go. Undoubtedly a brilliant experience for the pupils.
  • STEM Plus – the Science Department each year enable our more able students to experience an exciting series of masterclasses delivered by Wakefield College for local Key Stage 3 students. The have a series of lessons that build on key topics in STEM and challenge students to try new projects to give them an idea of the type of activities that industry professionals undertake. The programme is aimed at pupils with a genuine interest in STEM or a digital industry career.
  • Future Chef Food Cookery Competition – food preparation & nutrition students at Beckets are given the opportunity to enter into a regional completion against students from other schools in the district in a MasterChef style competition. This year two of our students got the finals! The competition provides students with an insight in working in a professional kitchen and the job requirements for such a role.
  • Wakefield College Food Experience Day – every year Wakefield College come in and give our Year 10 food students a day in the life experience of what it could be like studying as a food technology student in further education providing an insight into what working as a chef could be as a career!
  • Food Preparation & Nutrition Trip to Normandy – Year 9 – 10 students will study local farming methods and food production, they will learn about food markets in other cultures, they learn about the different roles of the chef in a French kitchen, about French customs and practices to really help their knowledge of working in the food sector in another country.
  • Drama ExperienceThe students of Beckets have the chance to be a part of the annual school production whether it be as a performer, musician, or contributing in designing the set. Students gain a true Performing Arts experience working as a cast in both rehearsal and performance.
  • Amazon Virtual Workplace Tour – each year within Computing, pupils are given a virtual tour inside the amazon distribution centre. Showing robotic and logistics of real world applications of algorithms.  Demonstrating how elements of Computer science and IT function in real world.
  • Yorkshire Tea Visits – each year, our Enterprise Adviser and ex-pupil, Ollie Ratcliffe leads Q&A sessions with our pupils. He discusses his career journey and the roles he has held leading him to his current post of Head of Digital Communications at Taylors of Harrogate. He discusses some of the projects he has worked on and talks about the varied role he has. He talks to pupils about the importance of working hard and about career their career choices and the choices he made when in he was a student at Beckets. This year Ollie set Y7s and Y8s a task to design their own specialty brew! Some students are even lucky enough to be invited to tour the Yorkshire Tea factory in Harrogate.


Trips are also run to a number of various to of local Universities; we currently work with Leeds Trinity University, Huddersfield University, Hull University & Selwyn College (Cambridge University).  Our students benefit by being taken to the universities to have an introduction to university experience; this covers all areas of studying university from looking round their campuses, courses and options at university, student life, student accommodation and university finances. These universities also speak to our students in Year 11 to discuss their offers. This enables the universities to discuss what they do and how students may access higher education, but also helps raise aspirations of our students.


In key stage four, students are offered a 1 to 1 careers interview with our partner Prospects Careers Advisor, Sally Hodgkinson who works in school one day each week; this provision can be extended for those pupils who need additional support.

Students are given the opportunity to attend a Taster Day at one of our main local further education establishments; either Notredame Sixth Form College, New College Pontefract, Wakefield College or Greenhead College as a first experience of Post 16 provision. The multitude of Post 16 courses are delivered via an assembly at the start of Year 11 and all students are invited to and encouraged to attend the Wakefield Careers Fair evening in October (a small group of students are accompanied during the day event) as well as other Careers Fairs coordinated throughout the year. All of our local Post 16 providers deliver assemblies to the students and many provide stalls at the Y10/11 parent evenings. Support for the further education application process is offered to all students and time in school is provided for developing personal statements and researching colleges and courses. Careers Advisors are present at results day and support is offered to students who need to re-assess their post 16 options.


We measure and assess the impact of the careers programme on pupils by monitoring the NEETS (Pupils Not in Education, Employment or Training) and careers advice and support is offered to students after they have left our school to help them into their chosen career path.

The careers leader is Carl Brooks and our careers assistant is Jude Fitzgerald. They can be contacted by email:;  and by Tel. No. 01924 303545 Ext 242

This information will be reviewed and updated in September 2023.


Careers is integral part of the curriculum offer within the school and aims to ensure students achieve the appropriate guidance to make informed choices and to be able to progress positively when they leave.

The careers provision and activities, set out below are in line with the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks to enable breath and choices for students in their career decisions for the future. The careers provision is reviewed regularly to ensure it meets the needs of the students.

Further information about Careers and Provider Access to the academy can be found in the at the bottom of the careers section of the St. Thomas a Becket’s Website or alternatively by contacting Mr Carl Brooks (Careers Lead)


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
PSHE Lessons

Introduction to careers, raising aspirations and relating to their strengths

(Gatsby 1,3 & 4)

PSHE Lessons

Understanding careers and future aspirations and identifying learning strengths related to GCSE options

(Gatsby 3, 4)

PSHE Lessons

Employability and enterprise – Barclays Life skills resources

(Gatsby 2, 3, 4, 8)

PSHE Lessons

Employability and enterprise/Skills and attributes of a good employer and employee/Health and safety law and workers’ rights/Personal brand and online reputation

(Gatsby 2, 3, 4, 5, 8)

PSHE Lessons Understanding the college application process and plans beyond school – how to keep options open through their post-16 choices

Skills for employment and career progression – interviews, enhancing CV, online profiles

(Gatsby 2, 3, 5, 7)

Annual Y10 Careers Questionnaire

Aspirations (Gatsby 1,3)

Annual Y11 Careers Questionnaire

Destinations and Monitoring (Gatsby 1,3)

Enterprise Adviser Talks

Ollie Ratcliffe from Taylors of Harrogate and iconic brand Yorkshire Tea who is our school Enterprise Adviser, talks to our students about his careers journey from his time at Beckets to how he has ended up at Digital Marketing Executive at Taylors of Harrogate, Managing the online Marketing presence of Yorkshire Tea. Slight variations per year group, Specialty Brew Design Project Y7 and Y8

(Gatsby 2, 3, 5)

Careers Fair Trips

Each year we take students to a Careers Fair. This fluctuates as to where, last year we attended St. Wilfrid’s Career Convention, Featherstone

(Gatsby 2, 3, 5, 7)

Careers Fair Trips

Each year we take students to a Careers Fair. This fluctuates as to where, last year we attended St. Wilfrid’s Career Convention, Featherstone

(Gatsby 2, 3, 5, 7)

Careers Fair Signposts

Each year we signpost students to a Careers Fair which they can attend with parents.. These fairs change from year to year.

(Gatsby 2, 3, 5, 7)

 Intensive Career Days Local Market Information(LMI), Awareness, CV & talks delivered by JobCentre+/ CVs & Interview Skills & workshops/ Introduction to University & Student Ambassador Talk by Huddersfield & Hull University/

Cambridge University

(Gatsby 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,7,8)

National Careers Week

Host of activities all week: Staff Career Journey Discussions, Careers Fairs, Enterprise Workshops, Virtual Work Experience, Career & Job Sector focussed highlights & videos (Gatsby 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Employer Encounters & Aspirations Event

Give Construction a Try – In collaboration with Wakefield College & local construction firms

(Gatsby 3, 5 & 7)

Employer Encounters & Aspirations Event

Give Construction a Try – In collaboration with Wakefield College & local construction firms

(Gatsby 3, 5 & 7)

Year 10 Further Education Taster Days

All students are offered a taster day at a local College/Sixth Form

(Gatsby 6, 7)

Cambridge Residential Each year a group of Y9 pupils are invited to Cambridge University Residential featuring a tour of Selwyn College and many museums and libraries at the campus. Students will really get an insight into life at an Oxbridge Institution (Gatsby 3, 7, 8)Labour Market Assembliesdelivered by LEP/Jobcentre+/Careers Enterprise Coordinator (Gatsby 2, 3, 7)
Individual 121 Careers Guidance Appointments – Sessions available to all, particular focus on Y11 (Gatsby 3 & 8)
 Higher Education Visits

University Visits to Huddersfield University & Leeds Beckets University

(Gatsby 3, 7)

Targeted Careers Appointments – Vulnerable Groups and Referred

Appointments (focus on Y10 & Y11)

(Gatsby 3 & 8)

Food Preparation & Nutrition France Trip – students are given the opportunity to travel to Normandy and gain experience in food nutrition in French cuisine. (Gatsby 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
STEM – Maths Challenge

(Gatsby 4)

Wakefield College Cooking Experience DayWakefield College attend to introduce our students to the options of study in cooking, includes training on the use of using professional knives sand an insight into the various cooking courses offered (Gatsby 3, 4, 7)Employer Assembly Talks

Various local and national employers come to school to discuss working in their job sectors and at their institutions

(Gatsby 3, 5)

Further Education Assembly Talks

Various local Colleges & Sixth Forms visit to discuss studying at their institutions

(Gatsby 3, 7)


A series of challenging masterclasses delivered by Wakefield College for our gifted and talented cohort. Students are able to participate in a range of challenging STEM activities

(Gatsby 3, 4, 7)

 Further Education Assemblies are provided by the Department of Work & Pensions/Jobcentre+ so our students can understand their post 16 options as they approach Year 11 (Gatsby 3, 7, 8)Effective Transition Fund – Y11 Girls

A selected group of our girls are midway through a careers focused, government run project, to raise aspirations, refine employment skills helping them gain insights into their opportunities post 16. and raise aspirations for long term positive career choices. (2,3,7,8)

 ASK Apprenticeships

Students assemblies with Linda Beever to discuss Apprenticeships, Traineeships & T- Levels (2,3,7,8)

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Beckets External provider policy 22-23

Careers Guidance Policy 22-23

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