Knowledge Organisers

Research around memory suggests that if knowledge is studied once and not revisited or revised, it is not stored in the long-term memory.  This means that after one lesson, or revising for one test, the knowledge will not be retained unless it is studied again.  It won’t be recalled unless it is revisited frequently, which will embed it in the long term memory.  In the long term this makes recall far easier.  As part of extended learning, students should be revising what they have been taught recently but also content they were taught previously.  Therefore as part of our strategy to embed learning over time we have started to develop termly knowledge organisers across all year groups and curriculum areas. These will provide key content and knowledge  allowing students to pre-learn and re-learn, a vital part of processing all the information required to be successful in the new style GCSE’s. Students have been give a paper copy of this term’s knowledge organiser and can also access a copy by clicking on their year group link below – please note these can only be accessed through their school google account.

Term 1                                              Term 2                                  Term 3

Year 7                                               Year 7                                     Year 7

Year 8                                               Year 8                                    Year 8

Year 9                                               Year 9                                     Year 9

Year 10                                             Year 10                                   Year 10

Year 11                                             Year 11                                    Year 11

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