Key Stage 3

In year 7 and 8 pupils are taught in their mixed ability form groups in all subjects apart from Maths and English where they are set. In Year 9 pupils are set in RE, Maths, English and Science. Pupils choose their Key Stage 4 options at the end of Year 9.

Pupils have 50 lessons (1 hour) in a 2 week timetable with 5 hours a day and a 20 minute registration/assembly.

Subjects covered in Key Stage 3 include:

  • RE
  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • French or Spanish
  • Italian (Y9 only)
  • IT/Computer Science
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Art
  • Design and Technology (incl Food)
  • PE
  • Latin for Literacy
  • PSHE

Pupils will also have reading lessons on a rolling programme.

Key Stage 3 Assessment

Each subject’s Key Stage 3 Scheme of learning is broken down into curriculum ‘end points’ which are mapped to relevant schemes of learning. Students are assessed against these end points and are graded with one of the below Attainment Standards (AS):  

Attainment Standard 

Mastered: the student has mastered the expected knowledge, understanding and skills
Secured: the student has secured the expected knowledge, understanding and the skills
Developing: the student is developing in the expected standard of knowledge, understanding and skills
Approaching: the student is approaching the expected standard of knowledge, understanding and skills 

The Key Stage 3 assessments take into account evidence from a range of informal and formative assessments. It can include assessments from end-of-unit tests, research projects; homework and oral work. 

The acronym SPADE is used to give feedback to students and ensure that they respond to feedback given. Strengths, problems and actions are fed back to students. They respond in developing their work. The teacher evaluates their improved version and /or their response to the feedback given.

Each year group has access to knowledge organisers for every subject. Pupils are encouraged to use these to prepare for assessments, exams and support home learning.

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