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The ability to use words and language fluently, confidently and with understanding is crucial to every subject in the curriculum and improving literacy supports pupils of every ability, at every stage.

Extensive research has shown how powerful the impact of words and reading being valued at home is, for all pupils but especially those who find this element of learning a challenge.

Even the simple act of seeing a parent or carer or indeed other members of the family, reading, indicates that this is a valuable (and hopefully, enjoyable) pursuit.

Some of the other strategies we use to develop pupils’ literacy skills include:

  • Activating prior knowledge in order to build on what pupils already know.
  • Modelling in order to make language conventions and processes explicit.
  • Scaffolding in order to support pupils’ first attempts and build confidence.
  • Explaining in order to clarify and exemplify the best ways of working.
  • Questioning in order to probe, draw out and extend pupils’ thinking.
  • Exploring in order to encourage critical thinking.
  • Investigating in order to encourage enquiry and self-help.
  • Discussing and engaging in dialogue in order to shape and challenge developing ideas.


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