Open Evening Wednesday 29th September


The curriculum at Becket’s is the sum total of all the learning experiences that take place here.

Through all these experiences we aim to develop, in every one of our young people, a lifelong love of learning that best prepares them for a full and fulfilled life and the journey of faith.

In support of our mission, our curriculum will be coherent, have breadth and balance, allowing for differentiation, continuity and progression.

We continue to remind ourselves that the cornerstone of success at Becket’s is the strong, professional relationships between adults and children but also between staff and parents working together to support each child.

Ultimately we want to work in that crucial, invaluable partnership with parents to maximise your child’s chances of getting the best possible set of qualifications; to maximise their life chances so that the life they have been given by God can be lived to the full.

Our remote Year 9 Options Information Evening is now live on beckets options

Please Click here for our 2021-23 Options Booklet.