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Remote Learning

The key principles of Remote Learning at St Thomas a Becket:

  • High quality, lesson presentations and associated resources will be available through Google Classroom.
  • Lessons will be high-quality and align as closely as possible with in-school provision.
  • All remote learning lessons will be delivered through the Google Classroom & Google Meet platforms – they must use their school Google account to access these resources.
  • Whenever possible lesson routines will continue. Students should access the google classroom at the time they would have been attending lessons in school.
  • Work will be expected to be routinely submitted for feedback. Feedback may be personalised written annotations directly onto a students work, typed Google classroom comments, verbal feedback both in lessons and recorded into the google classroom, or whole class feedback.

If a bubble or the school has to close and move to remote learning all pupils are offered and expected to attend and engage with registration from 8.45am each morning followed by their 5 hours of lessons. Teachers will either deliver live content or set assignments and be available during the designated lesson to guide and support the learning and to address any misconceptions.

Students who are self-isolating but otherwise well enough to participate in lessons will be expected to engage with learning e.g completing set work at the time of their normal lesson or possibly attending their timetabled lessons remotely. Students will be able to access the power point and resources for the lesson in the Stream section of their Google Classroom.

Further student guidance can be found here

Student Guidelines to remote Learning 21-22

Help guide for both parents and students (please see below attached pdf document for more detailed information)

At St Thomas a Becket students will set work/assignments through Google Classroom. Please take some time to read the information below in order to best support your child. The BKCAT Trust policy documents and a letter from the CEO around Remote Learning are also attached below

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a learning platform which allows teachers to assign and collect work from students. Students have been guided through how to use this in their ICT lessons. All students have their own username and password so that they can access the resources/lessons.

A short video clip outlines some of the features available to both staff and students by using this method of remote learning:

Video 1 – Link

Video 2 – Link

How will work be set through Google Classroom?

If the teacher sets an extended learning task this be posted as an assignment in the ‘Classwork’ section of Google Classroom. Students will get a notification to tell them that an assignment has been created. It will tell them the details of the task(s) and include any deadlines. It is important that students follow the instructions.

Teachers will also post resources which follow the curriculum onto the ‘Stream’ section of each child’s Google Classroom. This will allow students who need to self-isolate or are ill to be able to access the work being covered.

How can Google Classroom be accessed?

Google Classroom can be accessed by using the below website:

Google Classroom – Link 

Alternatively, Google Classroom can be downloaded as an app for both android and apple:

Android App Download 

Apple App Download 

Screenshots of how to get on google classroom

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

How can students communicate with staff if the school is forced into partial, full closure or have to self-isolate?

Students can communicate with staff through google mail or, depending upon the assignment settings, through Google Classroom. Staff will be available through their working hours of 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday during term time.

Can parents sign-up to Google Classroom?

Yes. Parents get to view their child’s work. You will get a ‘to do list’ which gives you a list of all the work your child has to do. This is something that your child will be able to do by entering the parental email into their Google Classroom. You can unsubscribe from summaries or remove yourself as a guardian at any time.

Video – Link

How will parents receive information?

Staff will record any rewards or sanctions through Class Charts. Parents/carers will be able to login and see all these recorded events.

Class Charts – Link

Information will also be posted onto the school’s website:

News – Link

Thank you for your support, it is important that we work together during this difficult time.

Other useful websites to support remote learning:

GCSE Pod – Year 11, 10 and 9 only

Educake – Science

National Oak Academy


Hegarty maths

Times Table rock stars


Trust Remote Learning Policy FINAL 23.10.20
Trust Remote Learning Agreement
Letter to Parents 22.10.20
Remote Learning Offer Flow Chart Final
Bracket 2020 Parents Guide to Goolge Classroom 2