Design and Technology


what are we trying to achieve with our curriculum

Our Key stage 3 is ambitious as it follows the National Curriculum. Through our curriculum will realise the unique potential of every child, engaging and enthusing the students to acquire knowledge and understanding of D&T within school and the wider setting of society. We challenge the students to learn through problem solving and practical experiences, enabling them to develop knowledge and skills. This will be done in creative and dynamic settings, demonstrating alternative ways of learning and thinking. Through D&T pupils also develop their ethical, moral social and spiritual relationship with the world. The creative work we nurture and encourage gives opportunities for pupils to celebrate their unique creativity and to be proud of their achievements. Through the practical elements we encourage the pupils to use mindfulness and the positive affect this can have on their mental wellbeing. D&T supports the subject knowledge and understanding in subjects such as Art, Business studies, Careers, Geography, IT, Maths and Science.


How we deliver our curriculum

Key stage 3

We have a carousel system in years7, 8 & 9 between DT and Food of 1 hour a week. Each subject is taught alternate weeks throughout the year. The pupils are taught in class sizes of approx. 16 enabling the pupils to have much more time completing practical tasks.

In DT we teach using a project based approach with a strong practical focus. Each year the pupils will complete a Product design and Textiles project.

There are 4 key strands which run through our modules in key stage 3

Design; research, drawing skills and modelling by hand and using a CAD system

Making; in Textiles the pupils will develop a number of embellishment skills and use of the sewing machine, encourage quality control through out to make a quality product.

In Product design the pupils develop hand skills and the use of CAM to produce their product.

Evaluate: this is an essential process used throughout the design process and is linked closely to the school SOLO and spade assessments.

Knowledge; of materials, components and skills are required for them to develop a deep understanding and higher level of success.


The difference that our curriculum makes to our pupils

  • Pupils are excited and willing to take the risks in the safe environment of school to design original and creative designs, they have the resilience to preserve and problem and solve.
  • The cross curricular links enable the pupils to apply maths, science, art geography and IT in a practical situation.
  • We are not only preparing them for GCSEs but giving them valuable skills for future learning and life beyond school. The inclusion of virtues within our curriculum enriches the growth of a discerning and valuable member of society.



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