What we are trying to achieve with our curriculum

Study Geography to Understand Our Planet

Studying geography provides people to have a holistic understanding of our planet and its systems. We become better prepared to understand topics impacting our planet such as climate change, global warming, desertification, deforestation, water resource issues, among others. With political geography we are well-positioned to comprehend and explain global political issues that occur between countries, cultures, cities and rural areas, and between regions within countries. With instant global communications and media coverage of geopolitical hotspots around the world on twenty-four-hour news channels and on the Internet, the world might seem like it has gotten smaller. Yet centuries-old conflict and strife remain despite huge technological developments over the past few decades.


How we deliver our curriculum

Importance of Geography 

Geography has been called “the mother of all sciences,” it was one of the first fields of study and academic disciplines developed as humans sought to find out what was on the other side of the mountain or across the sea. Exploration led to the discovery of our planet and its amazing resources. Physical geographers study the landscapes, landforms, and the terrain of our planet while cultural geographers study out cities, our transportation networks, and our ways of life. Geography is a fascinating discipline that combines knowledge of many fields to help scientists and researchers better understand this amazing planet.

KS4:  Study the AQA GCSE Geography specification

KS3:  Use of SOLO and SPADE to build their geographical skills and extended writing ready for their GCSE work at KS4


The difference that our curriculum makes to our pupils

Being a Well-Educated Global Citizen

In addition to knowing about our planet and its people, those who choose to study geography will learn to think critically, research, and communicate their thoughts through writing and other means of communication independently. They will thus have skills that are valued in all careers.

Finally, geography is a well-rounded discipline that provides students not only with ample career opportunities but it also provides students with knowledge about our rapidly-changing world and how humans are impacting our planet and how we can help save our planet.


KS3Year 7

1.       What is geography? Transition window

2.       Geographical skills

3.       Geology

4.       Weather and climate

5.       Settlement and urbanisation

6.       River flooding

7.       Geography of the Middle East

Year 8

1.       Ecosystems

2.       Economic world with agriculture

3.       Population

4.       Rivers, coasts and glaciation

5.       Energy

6.       Geography of Africa

Year 9

1.       Tectonics

2.       World issues and climate change

3.       Life in a Newly Emerging Economy (NEE) country




Specification at a glance:
Living with the physical environment

·         The challenge of natural hazards

·         The living world

·         Physical landscapes in the UK


Challenges in the human environment

·         Urban issues and challenges

·         The changing economic world

·         The challenge of resource management


Geographical applications

·         Issue evaluation

·         Fieldwork, with two fieldwork opportunities for physical and human geography

·         Geographical skills



GeneralGeographers are trained to be good decision makers who look at all aspects of a situation. They have a unique viewpoint combining political and economic aspects with an understanding of the physical awareness, environmental concern and an appreciation and tolerance of peoples’ attitudes and values.


Some jobs make direct use of geographical knowledge such as those in tourism, town planning, environmental management and teaching. Geography is also useful for law, journalism, medicine and working in the media as it combines the understanding of the facts of the sciences with the perception of the arts.

Geography is an excellent bridge between the humanities and the sciences. It helps with a number of skills such as fact finding, research, fieldwork, essay writing, ICT skills, presentation and presenting skills. GCSE geography gives you a good basis for further education and employment.


Geography looks at the past, the present and the future and will prepare you for the world ahead.

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