Health and Social Care


What we are trying to achieve with our curriculum

Health and Social Care is an option subject which is only taught in Key stage 4. Our ambitious curriculum will challenge our students to acquire the knowledge and understanding which Health and social care encompasses. It offers the students, the unique opportunity to explore a wide variety of topics. They will understand the importance of ensuring care values are adhered to, ensuring the maintenance of good health and well-being and helps to develop their ethical, moral social and spiritual relationship with the world. The students will be encouraged to develop and improve their knowledge and understanding of the different health and social care settings. They will apply their learning to a real life setting and be able to demonstrate transferable skills and thus enhance their employability and understanding of how key services function. it is also giving them valuable skills that they can draw on in situations which may arise in their lives, during and after education. Within Health & Social Care there are aspects of Business studies, Careers, English, Geography, IT, Maths and PHSE.


How we deliver our curriculum


We teach the OCR Cambridge national  award over two years.

YR10 are starting the new specification.

RO32; Principles of care in health and social care settings. This is exam module. It is taught once a week throughout yr10 and 11.

RO32; Supporting individuals through life events. This is the mandatory NEA to completed in yr10.


Yr11 are following the legacy specification to complete their CamNat qualification.

This consist of one mandatory modules unit 1 is an exam, and one optional unit.

RO21; Essential values of care for use with individuals in care settings; This is examined in January of yr11

RO 29; Understanding nutrients needed for good health.


The difference that our curriculum makes to our pupils

It is an exciting new course to the school, which we hope it engages and excites them in their learning with knowledge and skills.

The real life scenarios the pupils will face which prepares students for their life beyond school. The skills and knowledge will contribute to both their personal development and future economic well-being.

The inclusion of virtues within our curriculum enriches the growth of a discerning and valuable member of society. Through the course our cross curricular links will support PSHCE and careers education






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