The maths curriculum at St Thomas a Becket Catholic School is uniquely designed to be aspirational for all learners. As a department inspired by faith we seek to provide students with opportunities to develop their passion for maths and also to have a deep sense of pride in everything they do. Our dynamic curriculum is structured to support and stretch all students equipping them with transferrable skills to access other subjects such as; geography, science and business, whilst also providing them with the knowledge to flourish in the next stage of their education and future careers.


Throughout the KS3 curriculum in maths, the emphasis is on embedding a deep understanding of key concepts, and with the use of manipulatives, to inspire a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject. The intention of this spiralled curriculum is to lay the foundations of knowledge needed for KS4 and helps students to discuss and make connections across topics at various stages. Students sit a mini assessment at the end of each unit to check for understanding of the key skills throughout the year. There are also three termly assessments completed throughout the year, these cover all content taught on the course to date.

In Years 10 and 11 students are assigned to a specific targeted pathway allowing them to focus on achievement and build on previous skills. Here students are again exposed to varied teaching methods with a larger emphasis on the application of skills and the interchangeability of mathematical concepts ensuring that across the five years all National Curriculum content is covered.


At the end of year 11 all students will sit three 1.5 hour exams including one non-calculator and two calculator papers. These will either be on the foundation or higher tier. Each paper is out of 80 with their final grade being scored out of 240 marks. In addition to this, some students will also complete an Entry Level Certificate in year 10. All awards are completed with AQA.

In order to supplement students learning we recommend the use of


With the highest of standards set by teachers and the continued redevelopment of the curriculum, the expectation is that by the end of year 11 all students will be fluent in all aspects of basic numeracy, they will be appreciative of, but not overly reliant on modern technology and they will be financially literate. It is also key that students become able to reason mathematically and be competent in solving increasingly sophisticated problems essential to everyday life; those problems critical to science, technology, engineering and above all, necessary for further advancements in education and all forms of employment.

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