Physical Education




What are we trying to achieve with our curriculum?


With Christ at the centre, our students are at the very heart of our curriculum. We provide a broad and balanced Physical Education curriculum that enables students to thrive and flourish. We seek to provide extracurricular opportunities to realise the unique potential of each person within our care. We educate the whole person – academic, pastoral, moral, social, spiritual and physical.

• Our aspirational department encompasses a love of learning for all, through developing their confidence as individuals who have an interest in their physical development.

• We offer a rich curriculum which allows our pupils to excel in a broad range of physical activities both in curriculum time and extra-curricular.

• Our ambitious curriculum allows for two alternative qualifications at level 2; GCSE (edexcel) and CAMNAT (sports studies).





How do we deliver our curriculum?


We are consistent in everything we do; we are a cohesive team that works as one. We are in constant dialogue to ensure we all lead by example, Smile, meet and greet our learners at the door. We have built emotional currency by going over and above for the pupils in our lessons, we know the children we teach, and they know us. We reward the 95%ers who always meet our high expectations. We routinely promote positive behaviour by issuing positive phone calls home and Postcards home.


We promote mastery of skills, by layering the curriculum from Year 7 onwards, with a well thought out. Constant formative verbal feedback is the cornerstone to our shared teaching ideologies, with SPADE analysis forming a vital element to Key Formative Assessments.


We provide an enhanced PE curriculum with a vast array of diverse activities and sports, we utilise staff specialisms and expertise to enable all pupils to be inspired, flourish and excel.





What differences does our curriculum make to our pupils?


We develop the character of our pupils focusing on improving resilience, confidence and independence.


We have a comprehensive enrichment programme that provides every pupil the opportunities to develop their interests and talents. We promote competitive sport against other schools in a wide array of sports and are constantly trying to increase our capacity as a whole staff to make evermore opportunities available.


With a multi-layered curriculum through both Key Stages we are able to offer a provision to suit the diverse needs of all our pupils.


The largest impact is evidenced in pupil attainment.





Physical Education

We offer the following sports:

·         Football

·         Rugby

·         Dance

·         Trampolining

·         Volleyball

·         Netball

·         Handball

·         Badminton

·         Gym

·         Athletics

·         Cycling

·         Orienteering

·         Rounders

·         Cricket

·         Hockey

·         GCSE Taster sessions


Core PE – A carousel of the sports in KS3

Literacy/numeracy – Leadership programme

Edexcel GCSE PE –
60% theory / 30% practical / 10% coursework


We offer the following extra-curricular:

·         Dance

·         Rugby

·         Football

·         Netball

·         Trampolining

·         Badminton

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