Key Information

Welcome to the Communication Resource

The resource is for students with autism or speech & language needs from across the district. There are 20 places and all students have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). It is a provision provided by Wakefield Council and is part of WISENDSS.

All students follow a broad and balanced curriculum that reflects their needs.

  • All students spend most lessons in mainstream school, with support from our resource staff. The exact balance between time in mainstream lessons and time in the resource depends on the student’s needs.
  • Students may access extra English and maths in the Resource to work on gaps in knowledge and boost their progress.

Social skills development is part of the normal week. This includes:

  • Life skills and social skills lessons that address current issues both in and out of school.
  • Informal social skills teaching that runs throughout the student’s normal day.
  • Lessons following tailored autism specific schemes.
  • Supported access to local community activities.
  • Lego therapy.
  • Reverse Inclusion.

Other personalised learning may include:

  • Anger Management, stress management and coping skills
  • Relationships & sex education (RSHE)
  • Risk and resilience
  • Emotional literacy
  • Specialist careers advice and access to specialist Connexions personal advisor
  • Independent travel training
  • Access to other therapies via external experts
  • Talk and draw
  • Work experience
  • Pre and post teaching of mainstream subjects

Our Welcome Booklet

To find out more, make sure that you read our Welcome Booklet that tells you all about what we do. Click here.


Further reading

  1. Transport Guide: As our children come from across the district, this quick guide points new parents in the right direction. Click here.
  2. Compliments, Comments or Complaints: We love to hear all feedback. This quick guide tells you how you can give us your views. Click here.
  3. SEND Glossary: We know there’s lots of SEND jargon, so this guide explains everything in plain English! Click here.


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