Key Information

Single Equality Act

St Thomas a Becket is commited both as an employer and a place of education to promoting equality in all that we do. This work involves the whole school – students, staff, parents and carers, governors and professional partners and all those within our extended school community.

Central to our mission statement, our core ethos and our purpose are to work together in mutual respect and understanding, thus achieving our aims of being fully inclusive and accessible to all and ultimately in providing the best possible learning experience for all of our children and young people.

Our policies and curriculum promote equality and our systems monitor and protect it.

Specifically, The Equality Act outlines three broad duties which are both explicitly and implicitly referened and adhered to in our policies and practices:

1. To eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct that is prohibited by or under this Act;

2. To provide equality of opportunity between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it;

3. To foster good relations between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it;

The relevant protected characteristics as relevant to a school setting are:

  • disability;
  • gender reassignment;
  • pregnancy and maternity;
  • race;
  • religion or belief;
  • sex;
  • sexual orientation.

We set annual objectives. For 2022/23 they are:

Catholic Life of the school:

  • to ensure that the modelling, teaching, embedding and living out the Virtues are evident in all aspects of school life
  • the continued development of effective pupil leadership of Collective Worship to lead to a richer spiritual experience and Catholic Life of the school in which the voice of the whole pupil community is vibrant and authentic

Quality of Education:

  • to ensure that every area of our curriculum helps pupils understand the inherent value and dignity of each person and their rights and resposibilities as British and Global citizens
  • to continue to diminish the difference in engagement and progress between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged groups, boys and girls allowing all to fulfil their God-given potential
  • to embed a bespoke interlinked “extended abstract” curriculum to result in greater engagement and recall and support increased outcomes
  • to fully embed our multi-faceted approach to Literacy across all areas of the curriculum in order to raise aspiration, access to and engagement in the curriculum and lead to raised attainment for all pupils and especially those who are vulnerable in some way

Personal Development Wellbeing:

  • to continue to deliver and develop outstanding pastoral care for every pupil, so that all feel accepted for who they are, safe, nurtured and able to thrive
  • to develop skills and knowledge around resilience and particularly around mental and emotional wellbeing during the CoVid-19 pandemic
  • to train and support staff, enabling them to deliver high quality, age-appropriate PHSE and as an early adopter of the new SRE approach, preparing all pupils for living in a complex world
  • to continue to widen our Careers package, meeting the needs of all pupils and working to fulfil all of the Gatsby Benchmarks


  • to be absolutely consistent and confident in our Positive Behaviour Culture, with a particular focus on pupils learning the skill of mediation and reconciliation
  • to enable and ensure pupils to behave in a way which reflects our ethos and rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Prepared
  • to ensure effective action continues to be taken at all levels to even further Increase attendance and reduce exclusions, especially in vulnerable groups and following the lock-down period

Leadership and Management:

  • to track progress by sub group and ensure interventions are appropriate, timely and have impact
  • to ensure consistency of the highest standards of planning, teaching and learning across all subjects and phases
  • to ensure that all systems, strucutres, protocols and polocies uphold the dignity and equality of each member of the school community, enabling all to thrive and flourish

We work to eliminate inequality through support for pupils with particular learning, physical or pastoral needs.  Our Continuum of Need is a fluid document which identifies the needs of each pupil and shows how those needs are being addressed and the impact of these interventions.

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