Attendance & Absence

Excellent attendance at school really matters. Pupils who don’t attend regularly:

  • Get behind with work
  • Lose the thread of the topics being taught
  • Become demotivated on return to school
  • Lose friendships
  • Miss out on important careers guidance inputs
  • Miss out on extra-curricular opportunities
  • Are less likely to feel part of the school

Our school benchmark for attendance is 96% – the minimum level of attendance we expect.


Perhaps 90% may seem like an acceptable level of attendance, but the reality is that 90% attendance means that your child will miss half a school day each week or 19 days of school during the school year – that’s nearly 4 school weeks.

For help and advice in supporting your child’s attendance, please contact school or

follow this link to the WMDC ‘Attendance Matters’ page.

Click on the links below to view important information and our attendance policy

S Sanderson attendance letter 21 03 24

R Ross letter to parents 16 01 24

R Ross ATL Descriptors 16 01 24

Attendance Policy (BKCAT) 2022-23

Mild Illness and School Attendance

DfE guidance September 2023 advises that it is usually appropriate for parents and carers to send their children to school with mild respiratory illnesses. This would include general cold

symptoms: a minor cough, runny nose or sore throat. However, children should not be sent to school with a temperature of over 38 ֯C. Further advice can be found by clicking this link:

There is currently no statutory advice specifically related to covid, so parents should use their judgement as to whether or not to send their child to school if they have, or are suspected to

have covid, as with all other illness. Time taken off for covid will be classed as illness for attendance monitoring in line with government guidance. We strongly encourage children to attend

school wherever possible as there is a strong link between your child’s attendance and their academic attainment.

Notifying School of an Absence

If a pupil does need to be away from school, parents/guardians are asked to contact school on the first day of absence.

Please call 01924 – 303545 and press 5 for attendance.

When your child returns to school, send in a note explaining the absence.

Try to take medical appointments outside of school if possible; if not try to make at the beginning of the day or the end of the school day.

If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance do not hesitate to contact Bev Bannister or Alison Sheard – School Attendance Officers to discuss.

Please note that we do not authorise any holidays in school time.

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