Bad Weather

There will be times when extreme circumstances may result in pupils being sent home during the school day. These situations are thankfully very rare and the decision to send pupils home is taken only when the health, safety and well being of the pupils is deemed to be at risk should they remain on school premises. Most routinely would be in the event of adverse weather making site conditions in school unsafe.

In these events school will contact parents via ‘School Gateway’, or our text messaging service. The school website and facebook page will also be updated and a message sent to local radio to announce.

It is important, therefore, that all pupils are made fully aware by their parents of what they must do and where they should go, in the event of them having to be sent home before the end of the school day.

Parents of pupils with SEN should contact the SEN Department to discuss specific arrangements for their children on 01924 303545 Ext. 233.

Parents of pupils in the Autism Resource should contact Mrs L Riding to discuss arrangements for their children on 01924 303545 Ext. 250.

It is therefore imperative to inform school of any changes in emergency contact details including telephone numbers and email addresses.

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