Protocol for school uniform

Item  Guidance 
Black blazer with the school badge A blazer must be worn at all times. Sleeves are to be worn at full length with the collar down. Black badged blazers can be bought from Smart Uniforms or an unbadged black blazer can be bought, then you can buy a school badge from school via School Gateway at a cost of £1.
White shirt or blouse Long or short sleeved white shirt or blouse, top button done up and tucked in. A plain white/beige vest or t-shirt may be worn underneath, but do not wear a long sleeve t-shirt with a short-sleeved shirt or blouse.
House tie or Year 11 tie Years 7 – 10 must wear a house tie at all times. Year 11 must wear a Year 11 tie at all times. Ties can only be bought through school, using School Gateway at a cost of £5.
Black or grey Vneck jumper Black or grey V-neck knitted jumper with or without the school badge. Your school tie must be visible at all times. This is an additional item which does not replace the blazer. No cardigans, sweatshirts or round neck varieties.

Black or grey

pleated school


Black or grey pleated skirt, knee length, worn with thick black tights or black ankle socks. Skirt (pleated) not to be rolled up or under or tied to be short. No skater skirts, pencil skirts, Lycra skirts or skirts that are not knee length.
Black or grey school trouser Black or grey school trousers. These must be a ‘loose’ fit. No skinny-fit, leggings, jeggings, jeans or chinos.
School shoes Leather or faux leather, no trainers, pumps or big boots (only small ankle boots). Examples of suitable options pictured below.
Socks Black or grey when worn with school trousers and black ankle socks when worn with a school skirt.
Head scarves Black head scarves may be worn.
PE kit Beckets badged uniform can be bought from Smart Uniforms in Wakefield. Plain uniform is fine in the following colours: red, white, black, dark grey (only small symbols/logos/branding allowed). Smart Uniform PE kit pictured below.
Coats To be worn over the blazer (not instead of). You must not wear your coat between lessons, even if you are going outside.  Exception: only with bad weather e.g. heavy rain or snow, a coat may be worn between buildings, but must be removed on entry to the building.
Hair styles No extreme hairstyles. Hair dye and braids of a natural hair colour only.
Earrings One, small pair of plain studs may be worn in the ear lobe.
Watches An analogue or digital watch may be worn, but no smart watches.
PE Hoodies No hoodies or sweatshirts to be worn on school grounds, PE hoodies only to be worn in PE lessons.

Makeup: Years 9 – 11 minimal make-up only  Nails: No nail varnish, extensions etc.

Jewellery: Earrings and watches may be worn (as above), but no other items.

Badges Only official school badges awarded for responsibility or rewards may be worn. These are to be worn on the lapel of the blazer.
Belts A plain black belt may be worn
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