Lunch Club Year 7,8 and 9 Dance Club (CF) 


Week A ONLY -Year 11 English GCSE Literature (NV-A31) 


Music Club (CD) 


Year 11 Computer Science (TP – A29) 



Year 10 & 11 Art (MM) 

Year 9 and 10Boys and Girls

Futsal (MC – SH) 


Music Club (CD) 


Year 10 Dance Club (CF) 


Year 11 Spanish (GD-B22) 


Music Club (CD) 


All Years Basketball (TP) 



Year 7 and 8 Boys and Girls Futsal (MC – SH) 


Music Club (CD) 


Year 7 Food club (AW – A26) 


Week A Only 

All Years Lionesses  

Girls Futsal (MC – SH) 



After school Club Year 10 Netball Club (CF) 


Extended Learning Club (EF-A35) 




Year 8&9 Food club (AW – A26)) 


STEM (JJ- B12) 


All Years Show Rehearsal (LC/CD) 

Year 10 & 11 Art (MM) 


YEAR 7 and 8 Boys and Girls Football (RD/MC) 


Extended Learning Club (EF-A35) 


Year 11 Italian (SL-B24) 


GCSE Food club/catchup (AW) 


Astronomy Club (JJ-B12) 



Health & Social Care (SB – A15) 

Extended Learning Club (EF-A35) 


Year 10 Latin (B22) 

YEAR 7 and 8 Boys Rugby (JF/RD)

Year 9, 10 and 11 Football (MC, AHB)

Year 7 and 8 Netball Club(CF) 


Extended Learning Club (EF-A35) 



Week A Only Year 11 Maths (DR/CB – A28. DC/RP – A22) 


Week B Only Year 11 English (AF/CW – A33/RW – A36) 


3D Club All years  (TP- A29) 


All Years Show Rehearsal (LC/CD) 


Archery (DW) 


YEAR 9 Netball Club  (CF) 


Extended Learning Club 



Year 11 Latin (QEGS) 


Year 11 BTec Music (CD) 


Year 11 RE Revision (LW – A12) 


Year 11 IT (SH-A25) 


Games/Warhammer club All Years (TP- A15) 



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