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Year 9

Extra-curricular Intervention Tracker – Term 1

Year 9 Remote Parents Evening – Core & Options

Dear Parent/Carer

As you are aware, we had originally planned to hold 2 remote parents evenings next week for Year 9 – one for CORE and one for OPTION subjects – to prepare for the options process

Given the potential for having to stand year groups down and further missed learning due to Omicron, which so far we have managed to avoid thankfully and also reflecting on the amount of face to face learning this year group have missed since Year 7, we have slightly delayed those parents evening. We will rearrange them later this term to give more learning time before the options process begins.

For your information as I know you will have options in your thinking and your conversations with your young people, all pupils follow our CORE of RE, English, maths and sciences.

They are then asked to select 3 options – at least one of which should be either History, Geography and/or a language (French, Spanish and/or Italian) with the remaining choice(s) selected from subjects such as Art, Music (various pathways) , Drama, PE (various pathways), Food, Computer Science, Business Studies or Health and Social Care.

Much more detailed guidance and information will be given to yourselves and indeed to our Year 9 pupils as we move through the process and as stated, we will return with dates for the 2 Parents Evenings in due course

Yours truly

Cathy Baxendale